Sunday, January 28, 2018

Belly Button Sex

Nothing is off limits when it comes to pleasure. Now that I have cleared the air, take another look at your belly button and realize all the potential it truly has.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fitness Freak

Scene 1: Womens Locker Room at the Gym

He walks towards you as you come out the gym shower and says, " You know how to really ride that cycle in class, and I love how your ass bounces on the seat behind me."

She looks at him with a scanning eye and whipsers in his ear, " I was riding so hard because I know thats how good you would feel deep in my pussy."

She turns, smiles and walks away.............

The gym the hot sweaty place to meet all the sexy bodies you can dream of but does it have to be a dream?

Here are some ways to get fit and fucked at the same time.......

Just sit and bounce......caution: could burn endless calories ....

fucking bicycle

LOCOMOTION fucking machineLocomotion fucking machine

Fucking SINGLE SWINGFucking Single SWING

Then there is always getting creative with your positions which will also burn alot of damn calories

mmmm burn all that fat.......*wink*

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

8 Common Mistakes

Learning how to lick a vagina properly will make your lady feel beautiful and sexy.  You will notice how happy she seems all the time and you’ll see a massive increase the number of random favors she performs for you.  A lot of women prefer oral sex to intercourse (especially if she’s never had a vaginal orgasm).  A key to great oral sex is figuring out what turns her on the most and then doing those things.  The only way to figure this out is to pay attention to her body language and her reactions to your stimulation.  Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that guys make when 
learning how to lick a vagina.

1] Poor Foreplay and Poor Patience

When I say poor foreplay, I don’t mean the same ole knowledge you hear time and time again when it comes to foreplay: “slow down, do it longer, and more often.”  While that advice is important, I assume it is written by people who have never seen a woman get aroused than most men can.  Women get aroused, if all things equal (her mood, stress levels, health, etc) based on how she perceives you sexually and how well she knows you can open her and show her new levels of her sexuality she has never experienced before…in essence, sexual trust.
If you give her 4 things, then poor foreplay is a thing of the past. What are those four things?  Dan Rose says they are dominance, emotion, variety, and immersion.  That’s what I mean by poor foreplay, lacking on one or more of those 4 parameters.
Patience…What I mean by patience in this context is being able to read her and know where she is in terms of arousal.  Along with having the ability to “hold space” for her and give her what she needs in that moment to be relaxed, but highly aroused. Holding space simply means she can FULLY express her sexually in any way without being judged by you. Also, being impatient can come off as uncaring and not having the ability to relax into your own emotional/mental state.

Whatever you feel, she feels.

Keep that in mind.  If you convey relaxed, open and aroused…she’ll pick up on it and feel that as well. Patience also refers to not going directly for what turns her own (clit, nipples, etc.)…try going from indirect then to direct and see how she responds.

2] Showing No Enthusiasm

Women like enthusiastic oral sex just the same as men!  Nothing excites her more than knowing you find her taste delicious and you can’t wait to please her! Allow yourself to become intoxicated by the smell of her luscious vulva.
Use a taking touch.
Touch her in a way that feels good to your tongue and fingers.  Sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, it works!  Tease and caress her body with this “taking touch” and see if you get the same insanely effective results I do.

3] Using Only A Firm Tongue Instead Of A Soft Wet One

A firm tongue is great for stimulating very specific parts of her vulva and clitoris, but many women prefer a soft tongue, at least until they are very aroused. If you still can’t break your iron tongue habit, then use it along with a soft tongue.  The good thing is, when being gentle with a soft wet tongue, there is almost nothing you can do that will feel bad.

4] Not Calibrating

This is quite possibly the worst mistake because it shows her that you aren’t paying attention to her body and the fastest route to not giving her an orgasm. You end up sticking with a licking technique or speed or rhythm that she doesn’t like so she never builds any sexual tension and thus does not have an orgasm.  Not calibrating means there was a change that has occurred in her body and your response (or lack thereof) wasn’t what she needed at that point in time.  Common calibrating errors include:
Licking too fast or too hard
Licking the wrong speed (she wants you to lick X but you’re licking Y)
Licking the same pattern/rhythm when her body shows signs of decreasing arousal
Not doing X long enough

The last mistake above results from not paying attention to her arousal level.  She may have wanted you to stay with the same technique X but you went to technique Y and now she has to build that pleasure all over again.  Wait until she/her body is giving you signs of decreased arousal or plateauing before you change anything. Also, If she is about to come, keep everything the same until she has an orgasm.

Cunnilingus is often about walking the middle path….in other words BALANCE!  Stillness and movement.  Fast and slow. Hard and soft.  Long and short. The play between two extremes will rouse an unquenchable thirst for orgasm in her

5] Ignoring Her Body Language

This one is similar to the above mistake. If she isn’t enjoying what you are doing she will pull away from you in some fashion with her hips or she might push you away. If she likes what you are doing or wants more (more pressure, speed, intensity, consistent rhythm, etc) she will pull you closer or arch her body in your direction. If she’s tense, slow down and give her a sensual massage or move back to foreplay and kissing.

6] Pulling Away Too Soon While She Is Still Coming

Simple solution: Stay there until she tells you to stop or she pushes you away

7] Inconsistent Technique

Variations in techniques and rhythm are only useful if they are increasing her arousal or at the very least, sustaining her arousal.  It’s possible to give a woman an orgasm with a single rhythm if you are paying attention to her body.  You simply have to “listen” to when her pleasure is waning, and then you stop or slow down and begin again.  The point I’m trying to make is pick a few licking variations, maintain a rhythm that gets her closer to orgasm and focus mainly on where her arousal level is.  Change your technique or rhythm only when her arousal is decreasing; this requires careful attention.

8] Pleasure Desensitization: 

If you stimulate the same area the same way for a period of time, the nerves in that area become less sensitive to the pleasure over time (desensitized).  For example, if you constantly stroke her clit the same way, the pleasure will decrease once nerves have gotten “tired” of that rhythm/speed.  The purpose of the variety of licks in the beginning is to bypass the habituation until her arousal is high enough that when she nears orgasm, one constant rhythm is no longer an issue; mixing things up when she is near orgasm just leads to frustration on her part.
You can bring a woman to orgasm using one rhythm, but it’s better to insert pauses in between to give her nerves a rest.

Virginity Crisis

She stopped right in the middle of passion and says, “ oh I am a virgin, I can’t have sex.” Usually you pull your pants up and be patient till she gives in or you marry her. Marrying her is a big mistake because you have no idea what you are getting. So what are you supposed to do, while protecting her virginity?Don't let her fool you there is plenty you can do while not making her commit to penetration. 

Here are some things you can do while still protecting her dignity…..

Things You Can Do With a Virgin

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Textured Cock

Having sex with a young guy can give you bursts of pleasure within seconds. Although a young guy is hot, a older guy has the right kind of dick for the job. Just imagine his textured dick all inside your wet pussy and as he gets in deep you feel all of him. Everybody says stay away I say get right in and find you a textured cock to play with.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 3 Things Girls Like to Put In their Pussies

Every woman has their favorite way to pleasure themselves. Sometimes its just your hand or maybe someone elses hand*winks.......But on most occasions that time alone can get so heated by simple things around the house. So here are some ways girls like to pleasure their pussies.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pole Sliding and Dead Weight

There are so many places you can go but one destination is probably the best because of the instant connection of heat that arise from the first lick. Pushing your dick between two lovely huge tits is a mans dream. Does it have to be a dream? Is there a real reason you have to sit around thinking about what it would feel like to rub your thick cock in between some sexy ass tits? No, tease and fuck her mouth like you never have before. I know what you are thinking what if she says no way...well then you have to weigh your options. Either convince her that this is something hot that will bring you two closer or tell her you found a bad ass bitch to fuck. I am sure she will opt for the first option once she hears you want to fuck somebody else. Let her know that Martha fuckin Stewart is not your wife and you are not ready to settle down with a grandma. Damn, lets have some fucking fun and do this shit. There are so many women that make excuses as to why they can't do this and do that. Then the guys just take it as it is, and turn over on there side letting her win the battle again. No fuckin way, don't let her do that to you. Let her know just like her mom told her, she can find someone else, so can you. Stop letting women control your dick and let her know that she not the only piece of hot candy in the house. Tit fuck! or get out!