Thursday, March 28, 2013

Textured Cock

Having sex with a young guy can give you bursts of pleasure within seconds. Although a young guy is hot, a older guy has the right kind of dick for the job. Just imagine his textured dick all inside your wet pussy and as he gets in deep you feel all of him. Everybody says stay away I say get right in and find you a textured cock to play with.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Top 3 Things Girls Like to Put In their Pussies

Every woman has their favorite way to pleasure themselves. Sometimes its just your hand or maybe someone elses hand*winks.......But on most occasions that time alone can get so heated by simple things around the house. So here are some ways girls like to pleasure their pussies.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Pole Sliding and Dead Weight

There are so many places you can go but one destination is probably the best because of the instant connection of heat that arise from the first lick. Pushing your dick between two lovely huge tits is a mans dream. Does it have to be a dream? Is there a real reason you have to sit around thinking about what it would feel like to rub your thick cock in between some sexy ass tits? No, tease and fuck her mouth like you never have before. I know what you are thinking what if she says no way...well then you have to weigh your options. Either convince her that this is something hot that will bring you two closer or tell her you found a bad ass bitch to fuck. I am sure she will opt for the first option once she hears you want to fuck somebody else. Let her know that Martha fuckin Stewart is not your wife and you are not ready to settle down with a grandma. Damn, lets have some fucking fun and do this shit. There are so many women that make excuses as to why they can't do this and do that. Then the guys just take it as it is, and turn over on there side letting her win the battle again. No fuckin way, don't let her do that to you. Let her know just like her mom told her, she can find someone else, so can you. Stop letting women control your dick and let her know that she not the only piece of hot candy in the house. Tit fuck! or get out!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Little Cum

There is a time when the usual goes out the door and pure fucking passion, desire, and lust set your dick on fire. I want all your hot cum in my mouth and I want to taste it all on my lips. Don't hold back baby give me all you got. This is not the time for the usual, because I am not that usual kind of girl, I fucked you so good  and I want my reward baby.

lol, this will not take you to nothing but a sex video I linked........
so get some popcorn..........and a towel maybe? *winks@u

Just A Day at the Office

So little time but so many places to go, but where should we fuck? On the chair? or in the bosses office? The thought has crossed your mind, so what are you waiting for? There is no invitation needed come here, very close and take me as I am. Throw me on the desk, and open my legs wide and put your big ass dick all inside.

come here I got a surprise for you....

Oh my! you are so fucking big baby....mmmm

Oooo you want it?

Yes, right there!

mmmm yea, just like that......

Oh fuck yes, I love when you let me ride it.....

Now its a real party ....mmmmmmm

Who Needs Panties?

Sleep in them ...No!

Keep them on all day ......No!

Let you pull them off with your mouth .....Yes! Yes! Yes!  

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watch out boys - this black babe is fucking huge, and she’s fucking horny, too! Her name is Hippz, and despite her enormous size she absolutely loves the cock. Her man for the day is as short in stature as his girl is large; Jon might be kind of short, but he’s got a huge cock, and he is going to need one to fill up this massive cunt! First the horny fat slut sucks Jon’s dick, and then he lays her out on the sofa, spreading her legs and dominatingly plowing her flabby black vagina. Later Hippz takes control, drilling herself on the big penis in reverse cowgirl and making every single one of her fat rolls jiggle while she cums.