Monday, April 15, 2013

Fitness Freak

Scene 1: Womens Locker Room at the Gym

He walks towards you as you come out the gym shower and says, " You know how to really ride that cycle in class, and I love how your ass bounces on the seat behind me."

She looks at him with a scanning eye and whipsers in his ear, " I was riding so hard because I know thats how good you would feel deep in my pussy."

She turns, smiles and walks away.............

The gym the hot sweaty place to meet all the sexy bodies you can dream of but does it have to be a dream?

Here are some ways to get fit and fucked at the same time.......

Just sit and bounce......caution: could burn endless calories ....

fucking bicycle

LOCOMOTION fucking machineLocomotion fucking machine

Fucking SINGLE SWINGFucking Single SWING

Then there is always getting creative with your positions which will also burn alot of damn calories

mmmm burn all that fat.......*wink*

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